The Benefits of a Swim Spa

The Benefits of a Swim Spa

There are many benefits to owning a swim spa. They’re about so much more than just a tub of hot water. These advanced systems utilize the benefits of both a hot tub and a pool, all in one! Not to mention the size, which can fit just about any backyard! Gone are the days of not having enough room for a pool. Swim spas are roughly the size of almost two hot tubs, making them easily adaptable to many different homes! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of owning a swim spa!

Underwater Exercise

Swim spas are fully equipped with innovative components that make them suitable for comfortable water-based exercise. Our Hydropool Swim Spas create an opportunity for comfortable exercise without the surface area that a pool offers. A high-powered jet system creates a strong current for users to train against. Users can swim, walk, or jog against this current, utilizing the resistance for an effective underwater workout. This jetting system eliminates the need for a larger pool, as users can swim in place rather than swimming from one end of the pool to the other.

This environment also provides an opportunity for many other water-based exercises. Users can benefit from the warm temperature and buoyancy of the water to create a much more comfortable environment for them to work out in. This can help the muscles warm up faster and joints relax, offering improved flexibility and circulation. All while the buoyancy lifts added pressure that can cause the muscles to strain, which can often result in the body feeling uncomfortable and stiff following exercise.

It’s always recommended that you speak with a physician before beginning any new kind of exercise regime. You should always keep a bottle of water nearby as well, to stay hydrated throughout your workout.

Backyard Recreation

Swim spas are great for more than just exercise. They also provide a great environment for the entire family to enjoy quality time together! Users can take a seat in the ergonomic seating and enjoy the pressure from the jets, or utilize the space within the fitness area for recreational activities!

The jet current even provides a chance for users to learn how to swim, or even advance their swimming skills. This can give parents peace of mind, as small children are in a controlled environment while advancing their swimming skills.

Create an Outdoor Oasis

The addition of a swim spa means that you might be spending some more time outside in the backyard. This can be just the motivation that you need to give your backyard a transformation. Once the fire has been ignited, go with it! Think about what you would most benefit from in your backyard.

Are you looking to create a place for pure relaxation? Including backyard additions like a pond, water fountain, colorful gardens, and even a fire pit could be just what you need to advance your outdoor oasis. At Twin City Jacuzzi, we offer a variety of backyard spa accessories that can take your swim spa installation to the next level of luxury. You can even implement one of our spa planters to directly surround your spa with beautiful flowers.

Maybe you would benefit more from a backyard built for entertainment? Try including a variety of seating options for your guests to sit and lounge, while out of the water. You can further enhance your backyard experience with various pieces of furniture for drinks, food, and other items to be placed on. Include some exterior lighting or even a BBQ, and your backyard will be fit for entertainment in no time at all! All these additions will keep your guest outdoors, enjoying their surroundings, as opposed to heading back inside.

Health Benefits

Spending time regularly inside the warm water of a swim spa can result in many health benefits. Some of these health benefits can include:

  • Weight maintenance
  • Pain relief
  • Soothed arthritic joints
  • Stress-relief
  • Improved sleep

These are just some of the many health benefits that users can experience from the regular use of a swim spa. Contact our experts at Twin City Jacuzzi in Plymouth and Burnsville, MN today to learn more about the large array of benefits!

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