What Size Hot Tub is Best for Me?

What Size Hot Tub is Best for Me in Minnesota

Nothing beats a warm relaxing soak in a hot tub. To get the most out of the experience, choosing the spa that is perfect for you and your home is key.

The very best hot tubs are those that seem to have been made for your home and lifestyle. Choosing that perfect spa begins with knowing the ideal size for both your space and your needs. In this article, we’ve covered the top three things to consider before purchasing a hot tub to help you find the best size for you.

Size of Space

If your yard cannot accommodate a large tub or you have a specific spot where the spa must be located, that will limit your choices.

The first step is to get out your measuring tape and write down the dimensions of the space you have to work with. This will make the shopping process much easier and will save you from looking at spas that will never work for your space. Taking the info with you when shopping will also make it easier for an expert at your local dealership to steer you in the right direction. He or she will be able to show you the size and style options that will work best in your space.

Who’s Using It?

If space is not a consideration, then figuring out the number of users your hot tub must accommodate will better help you to decide the ideal size.

Will it just be you and your partner using the spa? If so, a 2-person hot tub will meet your needs perfectly. If, however, you like to stretch out, you may want to size up to a 4-person hot tub. This size is also great if you have children who will be using the spa with you or if you plan to invite other couples to join you.

If your house is party central, or if you simply have a big family, then a 6-person hot tub will work well for you.

Personal Preference

If you’re above or below average height, then the size of your spa will be crucial to you getting the most out of your unit.

The majority of hot tubs boast a depth of 31 inches. If you are exceptionally tall, that could leave you uncovered — literally. And who wants to hunch down to keep their shoulders submerged? If you are below average height, however, it could be a struggle to keep your head out of the water. And that is far from relaxing.

The answer? Visit your local hot tub store and ask if you can take a few hot tubs for a test drive. If you need extra depth to accommodate your height, ask to try out their larger units or if certain models have more of a lounge seat that will submerge your body more effectively.

Testing out some spas before making a purchase, will help you find the model that is right for you.

Twin City Jacuzzi

Twin City Jacuzzi is your one-stop-shop for all of your hot tub needs. Give us a call at either of our two Minnesota showrooms or drop in for a visit. Our experts are always available to offer suggestions and advice. We’d love to help you find the perfect hot tub for your home.

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