How to Clean Your Hot Tub Cover

How to Clean Your Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub may be sending you not-so-subtle clues that it’s time to clean its cover. Properly maintaining your hot tub’s cover can help keep the energy costs of your hot tub down, allowing you to enjoy it without needing to constantly worry about your electric bill. It can also help protect your hot tub from debris and bacteria, allowing you to soak in it more and clean it less.

However, if your hot tub cover starts to get filthy, you may not be aware of the issue until it progresses. If your hot tub has taken on a foul, moldy odor and cleaning it and changing the filter hasn’t done anything for it, a dirty hot tub cover may be to blame.

Step by Step Cleaning Instructions

If your hot tub cover is in need of a cleaning, you may be stressed out and wondering where to begin. Fortunately, cleaning a hot tub cover can be a fairly straightforward and easy process. These four steps can help take the guesswork out of how to clean it.

Remove and Rinse

The first step in cleaning your hot tub cover is to take it off your hot tub and prop it up against a supportive wall. A hot tub cover lifter can help make this step a breeze. Grab your garden hose and point it at your hot tub cover. This will help rinse off any debris or dirt that is clinging to it.

Scrub it Down

After you rinse the cover off, you’re now ready to clean it properly. Grab a soft sponge or microfiber washcloth and some hot tub cover cleaning solution. You want to avoid using household chemicals when cleaning your cover, as they can disrupt the chemical balance in your hot tub. Gently but thoroughly clean the cover, taking care to remove any buildup from the surface of the cover and inspecting it for any signs that it needs to be replaced.

Rinse Again

Once your hot tub cover is nice and clean, you’ll want to rinse it off once more. This will help ensure that none of the cleaning chemicals or debris falls back into your hot tub.

Dry and Protect

After you rinse your hot tub cover off, you’ll then want to wipe it down with a soft chamois cloth to carefully dry it. Finally, apply a thin layer of cover conditioner to it and buff it into the material. Again, you’ll want to make sure you only use products that are rated safe to use on your cover and won’t upset the chemical balance of your hot tub.

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