5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Hot Tub Needs a New Cover

Signs Your Hot Tub Needs a New Cover

Your hot tub’s cover has a very important, but largely thankless, job. While many people don’t give their hot tub cover much thought, the fact is, it works hard to help keep your hot tub running at peak efficiency. When your hot tub is working well and is properly insulated and protected by its cover, that means that you can enjoy soaking in your hot tub more often. However, your hot tub’s cover wasn’t built to last forever. These three red flags could be telling you that it’s time to replace the cover to your hot tub.

Your cover has a crack

One of the more obvious signs that you need to replace your hot tub cover is if you see a crack in the top of the cover. This can let things into your hot tub, plus it can let heat and water out. You will face higher maintenance bills, plus it could also cause damage to your hot tub. This is definitely a sign you want to pay attention to.

It’s starting to lift at the corners

Your hot tub’s cover has a reinforcement channel running through it, and that lends strength and structure to it. If this reinforcement starts to wear down, you may start to notice that the cover will begin to curve up and lift at the corners. This allows a lot of debris to get into your hot tub, it allows access for bugs and small animals, plus it reduces the insulation that your hot tub has. This can increase the daily cost to keep the water warm, plus make it to where your hot tub requires more chemicals to keep it clean and functional.

The material is worn out

While a little bit of fading and discoloration can be tolerable at first, over time, it can lead to weakened integrity of your hot tub’s cover. You can help protect your cover from this damage by using a special type of vinyl conditioner on it, but once the damage is done, the cover absolutely needs to be replaced. Any cracks or tears in the surface of your hot tub cover can mean that your hot tub is no longer properly insulated. These rips and holes in the cover also mean that moisture can get into the cover and rapidly break down the inner foam and structural supports. Instead of trying to DIY your repairs with duct tape, just replace it completely.

There’s a foul odor

Hot tub covers often respond well to a thorough cleansing. In fact, routine maintenance of your hot tub cover can help preserve it and help it to last longer. It’s not uncommon for the cover to your hot tub to start to pick up a slightly unpleasant, moldy smell. If you find that your hot tub cover is starting to stink, and no amount of cleaning it is removing the odor, it may mean that it’s due for replacement.

This odor is due to a build-up of moisture that is locked within the material. This is often a result of wear and tear on the cover, either seeping through worn-out material or through a crack or rip.

You notice a sagging center to your hot tub cover

Sometimes water may start to pool or puddle in the center of the cover, as well. If the foam cores of the cover start to accumulate water due to the sagging, your hot tub won’t be properly insulated. This can lead to rising energy costs to you. A sagging cover is a wasteful cover and needs to be replaced immediately. Furthermore, it can also be dangerous to try to lift it on your own, especially with all the added weight from water. For your own safety, and to avoid injury, a hot tub cover lifter can help protect you when you need to remove and replace it.

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If you were to inspect your hot tub cover right now, what would you find? Is it in good shape, or is it in need of replacement? For more practical advice on how to maintain and upkeep your hot tub and cover, our blog has plenty of tips for you! For the best hot tub accessories to help keep your hot tub running efficiently, please visit us here at Twin City Jacuzzi in Burnsville and St. Louis Park. Our friendly sales team can’t wait to meet you and show you around our showroom floor!

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