J-425 Jacuzzi Hot Tub backyard installation in Minnesota
J-425 Jacuzzi Hot Tub backyard installation in Minnesota
J-425 Jacuzzi Hot Tub backyard installation in Minnesota
J-485 Jacuzzi Hot Tub
Inspire Wellness

Small daily rituals have the power to influence your overall well-being.

J-19 PowerActive Swim Spa
Where Exercise Meets Relaxation

Swim spas offer the ultimate experience in both physical and healing fitness.

J-495 Jacuzzi Hot Tub
Improve Your Quality of Life

Whether spending time with family, relaxing after a long day or finding pain relief, enjoy your jacuzzi hot tub year-round.

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Find a spa that perfectly compliments your backyard space and lifestyle.


Our prices can help you to shop confidently and comfortably within your set budget.


Enhance the performance of your hot tub or swim spa with regular and professional service.


Leaders in Quality and Performance

Our products are known around the world for innovation, design and quality that is truly unbeatable.
Twin City Jacuzzi has a strong reputation for high-quality products and unforgettable service. That’s because we make it a top priority to treat our customers to world-leading brands, such as Jacuzzi®. We understand that an investment in your backyard and home should be long-lasting and worthwhile. Our products offer an unbeatable performance, especially since each spa is built and designed to last. With an advanced system and top-quality manufacturing, our customers can enjoy the benefits of their Jacuzzi® Hot Tub for years to come. We strive to carry the highest-quality products – and at the best prices possible!

Bring Versatility to Your Space

Enjoy your favorite qualities of a hot tub and swimming pool in one compact package.

Hydropool Swim Spas are where luxury and performance meet. A swim spa provides you with an opportunity to relax in the jet-driven water, as your body absorbs the healing benefits. Not only can you relax and rejuvenate, but you can exercise too. Low to medium intensity workouts are possible with the help of powerful jets that create a current. You can swim laps or simply walk in place against the resistance of the current while participating in other exercises that contribute to your water-based workout regimen. This can help to improve your mobility, flexibility and overall health. Visit either one of our dealerships in Minnesota today to find the perfect swim spa for your athletic lifestyle!

Industry-Leading Spas to Meet Your Needs


The regular use of a hot tub or swim spa can help improve your health through relaxation. Ease tense muscles, enjoy better sleep patterns and really focus on caring for yourself with healing hydrotherapy.


Whether you opt for a pool or spa, enjoy a new and exciting approach to spending time with loved ones. Create memories with family and friends by playing games or simply lounging by the water.


Make your backyard living space the envy of all your neighbors with the right design, features and accessories. Complete with comfortable furniture and water features, you’ll be the talk of the town.

Most Popular Models

It's time to give your home, health and lifestyle the refresh you've been waiting for. Shop from our best-selling hot tubs to find the spa that will last you for many enjoyable years to come.

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jacuzzi hot tubs - Twin City Jacuzzi
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jacuzzi hot tubs - Twin City Jacuzzi
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jacuzzi hot tubs - Twin City Jacuzzi

Stunning Spa Installations

Take a new approach to your backyard leisure with a spa installation that is sure to turn heads. For help getting started, find creative ideas in our hot tub and swim spa installation gallery.

Speak With One of Our Experts Today!

With help from our team of backyard leisure specialists at Twin City Jacuzzi, you’ll have the backyard of your dreams in no time at all. To get started and bring new life to your outdoor space, contact your nearest Twin City Jacuzzi showroom.

Helpful Resources

FAQ's About Hot Tub Ownership

You should aim to change the water in your hot tub every three to four months. How often you drain, clean and refill the water in your hot tub may differ based on how frequently it is used. Our professional spa service experts can assist you with your quarterly water changes if needed.

On average, it is recommended that you soak in a hot tub anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. Certain factors can dictate exactly how long you should soak for, including your health, age, climate, temperature, and personal preference. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest soaking in a hot tub for 20-30 minutes at a time.

We recommend keeping your hot tub temperature between 98-102°F. While most hot tubs can be heated as high as 104°F, this may not be as comfortable or ideal for everybody. Please keep in mind that the temperature of your hot tub may need to be adjusted due to the age, health or personal preference of those using the spa.

What Our Customers Say

We were very happy that we had visited your store when shopping for a replacement hot tub! Dean was very helpful in our selection and we were very happy to be able to get the new tub delivered before Christmas!!

Tod Venberg

Being new to the hot tub community and not familiar with how to maintain water quality Bryce has been awesome!!

Skip Olson

Fantastic store, sales people are very knowledgeable. I did not purchase anything (yet) but enjoyed my time visiting this store and talking with Dean.

Corey M

Bryce was incredible to work with! Spent tons of time answering our questions. We were glad to purchase our hot tub from Bryce!

Jackson Kysar

I am 41 years old and this is ONLY the 3rd Google Review I have ever given anyone. Ashley and the staff at Twin City Jacuzzi earned it!! Hands down the best purchasing experience I have ever made in my life. Thank you, Twin City Jacuzzi!

Jeff T
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