Why Every Spa Should Have a Hot Tub Cover

hot tub covers in Minnesota

Hot tubs and covers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Hot tub covers can be customized to match both the cabinet of the hot tub and the features of your backyard, including the deck, patio furniture, and even the exterior of the house. A cover lifter can even be installed to help make the process of opening and closing the hot tub even easier, especially if you suffer from arthritis or other physical health conditions.

Below, we cover the top reasons why a cover is essential to every hot tub installation.

Keep the Water Clean

When secured in place, a hot tub cover can help keep the water clean. Any falling leaves, insects, dirt, debris, and/or rain water will be deflected and effectively kept out of the water. This dirt and debris can lead to dirty, foamy, and cloudy hot tub water, especially if a large amount of rain or snow makes it into the spa.

Before you lift your hot tub cover to get in the water, use a wet cloth to quickly wipe down the cover and remove any debris that could fall in.

Improve Backyard Safety

Hot tub covers don’t just keep dirt and debris out. Having one of these essential accessories installed can also help deter small children, wildlife, and even the occasional trespasser from entering the water. Most hot tub covers even offer an option to lock the cover when not in use.

Some other things that you can do to improve backyard hot tub safety include:

  • Creating and enforcing rules
  • Installing a fence
  • Supervising children
  • Use the hot tub with others
  • Install exterior lighting

How do you enforce safety in your backyard?

Cut Down Operational Costs

Most modern hot tubs come fully equipped with high-quality insulation and user-friendly control systems that can help reduce monthly operating costs and improve energy efficiency. To maximize your savings on energy costs, even more, install a hot tub cover!

How does a hot tub cover help keep your operational costs low? Well, hot tub covers are crafted with materials built for insulation. When placed on top of the water, the hot tub cover traps the heat from above and keeps it inside the tank. This helps to regulate the temperature of the water, reducing the amount of work that the system has to do to heat the water.

Hot Tub Covers at Twin City Jacuzzi

Is your backyard hot tub installation in need of new hot tub supplies? If you’re in the market for a new hot tub cover, cover lifter, cleaning products, hot tub parts, or steps, get in touch with the experts at Twin City Jacuzzi today. We can help you match your accessories to your hot tub perfectly, so you can soak in style.

We have three convenient Minnesota hot tub stores, found in Burnsville, Plymouth, and St. Louis Park. Contact your closest location today to learn more about the products and services available to you. Our team of backyard living and hot tub specialists would be more than happy to help!

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