What Does Cloudy, Milky, or Foamy Spa Water Mean?

What Does Cloudy, Milky, or Foamy Spa Water Mean

Swims spas and hot tubs will require some maintenance from time to time. Do you want to make sure that your spa is always running smoothly as ever? Of course you do! Nobody wants to swim or relax in murky water.

Regular cleaning, water purification techniques, and general maintenance will help you prevent a lot of issues from occurring in the first place. When something within your hot tub or swim spa system does need repair, you might be able to fix things yourself easily. It could even be something as easy as emptying your spa and refilling the water. Or it could be something more. At times, an expert could be required to assist you and solve the problem once and for all.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common spa issues, and really see what cloudy, milky, or foamy spa water could mean for your hot tub or swim spa!

What Cloudy, Milky, or Foamy Spa Water Can Mean

If you’re reading this article, you might be experiencing milky, foamy, or cloudy water inside your hot tub or swim spa. What does that mean?

Most likely, there’s a problem with your filters or filtration system as a whole. The filters might be old, damaged, or neglected. Worn-out filters don’t work as well as they should and they might cause your water to get dirty since they might not be able to clear out all the debris as they should in a normal situation.

How to Diagnose

Simply inspect your filters. Is there a lot of grime and gunk near, on, or around them? Do they look damaged or worn out? In the first case, you might fix your problem by simply cleaning them thoroughly. If your filters do look old or worn out, you might be better of replacing them and start with fresh new filters. Depending on how much you use the spa, you might need to change your filter every 6 or every 12 months on average.

If your filters appear to be in working order, it might be time to completely empty your spa system and give it a good cleaning. If after refilling your hot tub the problems persist, it’s probably time to call a professional. Twin City Jacuzzi offers quick and efficient hot tub repair services in Burnsville and Plymouth.

How to Prevent

Preventing similar issues is easy if you remember to clean your spa regularly. It really depends on your usage and on your location or area, but keeping your spa clean on a regular basis can certainly help you prevent foamy water issues. Changing filters as regularly as possible is always a great habit to have as well.

Do you need new filters? Visit one of our two Twin City Jacuzzi showrooms today and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to help you find new filters for your spa.

Request Service

In case you aren’t able to solve the issue on your own, you can always rely on the help of a trustworthy and experienced hot tub and swim spa professional. Are you looking for technical assistance or further information? Contact our experts over at Twin City Jacuzzi. Our quick and efficient hot tub service is available in Burnsville and Plymouth, Minnesota.

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