Using the Fitness Components of Your Swim Spa

swim spa fitness components

Swim spas can make a wonderful addition to just about any lifestyle! From relaxation and recreation to a comfortable underwater workout – swim spas offer a number of capabilities. If you’re interested in utilizing a swim spa for the fitness components, you’re not alone! Users can complete a wide variety of comfortable and effective exercises within the comfort of warm, jet-driven water.

In fact, Hydropool Swim Spas are designed with advanced technology that integrates fitness components right into the spa! So, users can make use of water-based technology that is geared towards a comfortable and effective fitness regimen.

1. Hydropool Swim Spa Options and Capabilities

There are three different types of Hydropool Swim Spas: AquaPlay, AquaSport, and AquaTrainer. Each line of a swim spa is designed and engineered to offer a slightly different experience than the next, and each has several models to choose from. The AquaPlay line of swim spas is more so geared towards recreation, relaxation, and fun, while the AquaTrainer and AquaSport lines offer integrated technology that is geared towards exercise.

The AquaSport and AquaTrainer lines offer a built-in system of high-powered jets. These jets are so powerful that they actually create a current for users to walk, jog, or swim against as a part of their fitness regimen. This technology completely eliminates the size requirement that a large pool would offer for swimming laps. Users don’t have to worry about touching off or turning around once they’ve hit a wall, as they can simply swim against the current for as long as they’d like – without interruption.

These systems offer:

  • An advanced control system for temperature, current, jets, and more
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip floor
  • 2 core swim jets
  • 1 buoyancy jet
  • Conveniently placed seating areas
  • Massage jets

These systems are perfect for everyone, from those with rehabilitation needs to the everyday athlete. They both have the same idea, but the AquaTrainer offers a stronger and more advanced workout. The AquaSport Swim Spa current flows at a 3.5 mph/6.5 kph. rate, while the AquaTrainer enables users to swim at speeds ranging from 0-11 mph/0-18 kph.

Both systems offer a high-performance workout, with the main difference being the level of intensity for training and exercise purposes.

2. Using Your Swim Spa Current

The current created can be utilized for several activities, such as walking, jogging, or swimming laps. You can tailor your workout based on your current fitness level and your future goals. If you’re aiming to build endurance, achieve and maintain a better state of health or weight, or simply tone your body, you may want to start out slow and increase the intensity of the current as you progress. You should always speak with a physician before starting any fitness regimen. It’s also very important to stay hydrated and well-nourished, especially on days when you plan to exercise in your swim spa.

Alternatively, the current can also be used to perfect swimming techniques. You can train by yourself, or with a friend. The AquaTrainer swim spa actually generates a current that’s strong enough for two people to swim against at once.

You can even utilize your swim spa to help with swimming lessons. Teach your children how to swim or help them improve their skills within the safe and controlled environment that your swim spa provides. Both you and your child may find a better peace of mind knowing that other children won’t put your child at risk, as a public or recreational pool might.

3. Create an Aquatic Gym

Hydropool Swim Spas even have capabilities for other exercise equipment. You can include the use of resistance bands to increase the effectiveness of your workout. An Aquatic Step Master and rowing machine can even be attached to swim spas in the AquaSport and AquaTrainer lines. These optional fitness components can help users to strengthen the muscles in their legs, back, abdomen, shoulders, and arms, while improving endurance and cardiovascular health.

Working out in the comfort of the jet-driven water can be extremely beneficial for aching muscles and sore joints. It’s especially helpful for those who suffer from arthritis or other medical conditions that are affected by added pressure on muscles and joints. The buoyancy of the water alleviates pressure, while the heat and current of the water help to soothe and heal.

To learn more about the benefits of swim spas, or to browse our wide variety of Hydropool Swim Spas for sale in Burnsville and Plymouth, contact Twin City Jacuzzi today.

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