How to Create a Gorgeous Spa Installation That’s Sure to Impress

How to Create a Gorgeous Spa Installation That’s Sure to Impress

A backyard can really turn into a stunning space with a great spa installation. If you play your cards right and plan ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy a stunning spa in a beautiful backyard. Not to mention how much you’ll love spending time at home! Now, let’s take a deeper look into some of the steps you should take while creating a gorgeous backyard spa installation.

Working with the Space You Have

When buying a new hot tub or spa, it’s important to always consider your initial space. Your backyard, or anywhere you are planning to install your hot tub, should be taken into consideration and you should make sure that the hot tub model you’re looking at would be a great fit with the amazing installation that you are envisioning.

Depending on the space you’re working with, you might have the freedom to invest in a spa with a larger capacity, or even a swim spa! But if you’re working with a smaller space, you may have to consider a smaller hot tub, or even incorporating the spa within an existing deck or patio to save space.

Planning, Budgeting, and Creating

Here starts the hustle! Planning, budgeting, and making decisions might be hard work, but it’s most definitely going to be rewarding in the end!

While planning, you’ll want to consider the capacity of your backyard, a short-term and long-term budget, installation and delivery, and even your landscaping. Things you might want to budget for can include:

  • Investment in the spa
  • Cover and lifter
  • Steps
  • Monthly operational costs
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Accessories
  • Chemicals and cleaning products

At this stage, you could even hire a professional to help with the hot tub installation for extra support. For more information about what you need to plan for a hot tub installation, contact our experts at Twin City Jacuzzi!


It’s not just about the hot tub. While a good spa is at the core of your vision, a great backyard installation should have matching accessories. These accessories can enhance the style and overall aesthetic of your backyard, all while improving the functionality of your backyard.

Accessories like tables, chairs, couches, and storage containers can improve safety within your backyard, all while providing your guests with a place to lounge and enjoy each other’s company.


Beautiful grass, majestic trees, and clean-cut bushes can do wonders for your backyard, truly bringing it to life. Landscaping can help you reorganize the aesthetics of your backyard and add that extra touch to bring it from simple and nice, to beautiful and elegant.

Within your landscape design, you can add beautiful flower gardens, privacy-enhancing bushes, exterior lighting, and even walkways. You can even take this time to revamp an existing patio or back deck!

Create the Perfect Ambiance

There are many ways to add the comfort and appeal of your backyard installation. Great lighting is a good place to start if you are looking to add a relaxing and exclusive vibe to your backyard while setting up some speakers will enable you to enjoy your favorite music even when you’re outside.

The beautiful thing about these little improvements is that they can truly help you make it yours, and add a personal touch to your entire space.

For more information about creating a jaw-dropping backyard spa installation, visit our Burnsville and Plymouth spa dealerships at Twin City Jacuzzi. We’d love to assist you with your backyard installation or give you additional advice!

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