How Hot Tubs Are Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Are you worried about energy costs related to hot tubs? Well, you’ll be happy to know that most modern spas are designed to be extremely energy efficient. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are built with the highest standards of insulation materials from the get-go. This means that they create a base for many additional features and accessories to be integrated. These features can help people cut costs and essentially own a more environmentally conscious spa.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs is a world leader in cutting-edge spas for many reasons. Energy efficiency is one of them. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs has worked tirelessly to develop efficient and effective solutions that help hot tub owners lower their power bills and minimize their impact on the environment. Ultimately, making for a more sustainable spa operation. Read on to find out more about what you can expect from a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub!

Digital and User-Friendly Controls

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs have long been regarded as a true pioneer in the health and wellness industry. It isn’t surprising that their hot tubs are loaded with state-of-the-art features, including energy-efficient ones that will help users save money and reduce their negative impact on the environment.

The user-friendly control panel actually allows users to set up a wide variety of energy-saving settings, as well as performing other useful functions, such as informing users of the water temperature in real-time and even sending reminders and notifications to their mobile device when maintenance is needed. A clever use of temperature adjustments and jet functions can indeed help hot tub owners in Minnesota save a lot of energy.

Mobile Apps

Jacuzzi has never been shy about embracing the latest technologies and innovations. With the advanced ProLink™ technology, the company introduced a forward-thinking and intuitive mobile App to help users obtain all the control they need, right in the palm of their hand. This technology can help users adjust their spa settings while on-the-go, regulating the water temperature and even setting timers to reduce energy usage.

Covers, Coats & Shields

Hot tub covers aren’t just designed to protect your hot tub from pollutants, debris, or dirt. They can also help ensure that the water temperature is maintained and regulated. How it works is that the cover acts as an insulation barrier between the inside of the spa and the outer environment, by way of their clever construction material.

Our experts at Twin City Jacuzzi know and understand just how important energy conservation is to our customers. That’s why we make it a high priority to offer the latest in covers, coats, and spa shields. We’re known for innovative products such as the ProEndure™ hot tub cover. These covers utilize a new approach that allows the cover to last more than twice as long when compared to traditional vinyl cover, as well as providing better insulation due to their high density and heat retention capabilities.

If you are looking for further insulation, it might be a good idea to consider the excellent SmartSeal™ Insulation Blanket, which is designed specifically for hot tubs in colder climates. This revolutionary insulation blanket can provide up to 25% energy usage reduction, not to mention the extended protection against weathering, moisture, algae, and mold.

Looking for further information or help reduce your hot tub costs? Feel free to get in touch with us at Twin City Jacuzzi in Burnsville and Plymouth, Minnesota. We’d be happy to assist you!

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