How Can Hot Tubs Help Heal Sore Muscles?

Hot Tubs Help Heal Sore Muscles

So, you think buying a hot tub wasn’t one of your best decisions? Think again. Hot tubs are not only designed for you to feel good while relaxing in the warm bubbling water, but they also have many therapeutic properties as well— ones that help heal sore muscles, alleviate any muscle soreness, and aid in recovery. Let us see how Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs can help us do just that.


Hydrotherapy is a water-based therapeutic technique that has been utilized since ancient times. In modern-day, hydrotherapy is used by physiotherapists to help patients who suffer from aches and pains, muscle soreness, arthritis, or who are recovering from an injury.

The amazing combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage can do wonders for sore and stiff muscles. The heat helps your body to relax, as the buoyancy lifts pressure and weight from your body. Once in a state of pure relaxation, the powerful jets can really work their hydrotherapy magic and ease stiffness and soreness throughout your body.

How Hot Tubs Heal Sore Muscles

Hot tubs can help heal sore muscles simply by increasing your blood circulation by dilating the veins and arteries, especially during colder weather. Once your circulation is improved, the blood flushes out any chemicals that have been causing the fatigue and enhances the distribution of endorphins and nutrients necessary for the muscles to recover.

This is basically called the “lactate reduction”.

What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid is a chemical substance that builds up in our muscles when they are flexed beyond their normal capability. Although it gives us the necessary energy when the muscles are performing, when we stop the activity, its excessive buildup starts to cause fatigue, which in common tongue is called soreness.

Our muscles cannot flush this acid instantly because of reduced blood circulation after the exercise or activity. But we can speed up the process by keeping ourselves warm and nothing can be better than a hot tub in doing so. As explained above, it increases blood circulation.

What About Muscle Recovery?

Along with the circulation, massage also proves to recover muscles faster than their normal healing time. You can hire a massage therapist, but the convenience of a hot tub can come in handy on a daily basis. They have jets that gently massage your body with a combination of air and hot water. This hot water massage serves the purpose of circulation and healing just perfectly.

And Muscle Tension?

Muscle tension is the name given to the semi-contracted state of our muscles, which is thought to be caused by stress and physical strain, resulting in pain and stiffness of the affected muscles, especially in your back. The stiffness is basically an indication of constricted blood vessels, the build-up of waste materials, and a decrease in oxygen reach to the cells.

Muscle tension can be treated by relaxing the affected muscle through gentle exercise, heat therapy, and hot water therapy. This is where you can use your hot tub to help heal your sore muscles.

Other Benefits

Hot water therapy, or hydrotherapy, can really help ease the pain of medical conditions like arthritis, as water creates a comfortable environment for the stiff joints to recover. With that, when you have well-relaxed muscles with good circulation, you can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

If you have a hot tub, then you can receive all the wonderful benefits listed above, and so much more. If you’re looking for a hot tub in Burnsville or Plymouth, you can feel free to contact us today. We have everything from 2-3-person hot tubs, 6+ person hot tubs, accessories, supplies, and so much more.

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