5 Most Common Hot Tub Problems and Repairs

5 Most Common Hot Tub Problems and Repairs

Hot tub owners should always be on the lookout for potential issues. This isn’t a case of “the hot tub is half empty or half full”, but more so a preventative measure to prolong the life of your hot tub. Not to mention that catching issues at the start and treating them accordingly can help reduce the risk of the problem worsening or costing more money.

Below, we cover five of the most common hot tub problems and the steps you can take to fix them.

1. Won’t Heat

If your hot tub won’t heat, then it’s simply a tub of cold water. Although this could be a nice treat for a hot summer day, it doesn’t help you if you’re looking to soak in the heat of the jet-driven water. If your hot tub water simply won’t heat up, try the following steps below.


  • Check water level and look for blockages in the circulation system
  • Wash your filters, rinse with a hose and soak in filter cleaner
  • Turn your heater breaker off and on, or reset your heater directly
  • If you’ve filled your water recently, there could be an airlock in the lines

If you still have no luck, it’s very likely that your heating element is damaged or requires a replacement. We highly recommend seeking the aid of a professional to solve this issue.

2. Jets Aren’t Working

The jets in your hot tub can deliver an invigorating water massage. If they aren’t working properly, this can affect your entire hot tub experience! Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot this problem and hopefully, find a solution.


  • Turn jets to ensure they’re open
  • Check for debris, such as a buildup of calcium or dirt
  • Fill the water, clean the filter, check the plumbing line for blockages, and test the water

If these steps don’t work, it could be an airlock in the jet lines. Turn your jets on and off to force the air out. You can also loosen the top fitting on the pump until you hear air escape. Once you see the water start to fill the pump again, quickly secure the top fitting back onto the pump.

3. Noisy Pump

Unless you want to soak in your hot tub with earplugs in, you’ll want to find a solution to a noisy pump quickly. If your pump is making a deep growling noise or high-pitched squealing noise, try the steps below to find a solution.


Deep Growling?

Your pump likely needs water.

  • Clear any blockages
  • Fill water level
  • Ensure valves are open

High-Pitched Squealing?

Your bearings aren’t in good shape.

  • Lubricate bearings
  • Replace circulation pump

Need help replacing your circulation pump? Contact the experts at Twin City Jacuzzi today.

4. Error Code on Control Panel

Is your control panel displaying an error code? We recommend reviewing your owner resources, troubleshooting guide, or electrical guide to see what the code refers to. The codes and solutions vary between hot tubs and manufacturers.

For more information about troubleshooting error codes for Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, browse through our online owner resources and download the one that applies to you, free of charge. For more information, contact the spa service department at your local Twin City Jacuzzi.

5. Dirty Water

Is the water in your hot tub murky, foamy, cloudy, or giving off a strange odor?

If it is, we recommend buying a test strip and testing the water, taking note of the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels. From there, shock the water and ensure that the chemicals and water care products are being distributed effectively and on a routine basis.

If this doesn’t help, try:

  • Draining the water
  • Cleaning the empty tank
  • Fixing any broken parts
  • Refilling with clean water
  • Treating with hot tub supplies

You should also take this time to clean the hot tub cover. We suggest removing the cover and leaning it up against a fence or the side of your house. Hose it down with water and use various hot tub cleaning supplies to wash it down. Give it another rinse and allow it to dry before placing it back on the spa.

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Need help troubleshooting an issue with your hot tub? Contact our team of experts at Twin City Jacuzzi today. We have three convenient locations that offer hot tub service, including Burnsville, Plymouth, and St. Louis Park locations. For more information, request hot tub service today.

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